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Psychiatrists and psychologists

  • A list of health care professionals who have experience with Asperger's Syndrome is available at the ASPIA website.
  • The Brain and Mind Research Institute's Centre for Autism Research, Evaluation & Service also provides a variety of counselling services, based at their Camperdown office. More information is available by downloading this flyer (PDF).
  • Headspace is a national network of mental health centres servicing young people ages 12-25. Headspace brings together a variety of medical professionals, including general practitioners, specialist nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists. Offices are currently open in Redfern, Camperdown, Campbelltown and Mount Druitt, as well as a number of regional centres.

If none of the above resources is useful for you, you can consult the Australian Psychology Society's searchable database.

Finding a health care professional that has the suitable skills and temperament for the individual requiring treatment can sometimes be challenging. The professional's capacity to develop a working relationship with the patient is just as important as their more formal abilities. You (or, in some cases, your child) will usually be able to determine whether a professional is likely to be a suitable match within three visits. You can read some general advice regarding finding a suitable professional at Psych Central:

Unfortunately most health care professionals are unable to share detailed information about your child with you because of client confidentiality guidelines. However, in most circumstances you should be able to provide information about your child's behaviour and any other concerns you may have to your child's health care professional. More information about client confidentiality and other ethical matters is available at the Australian Psychology Society website.


Behaviour intervention (limited regions)

The Behaviour Intervention Service is a specialist service provided by the Autism Spectrum Association for families and carers who support children and adolescents with an emerging or current challenging behaviour.

Based in Ryde, this free service is provided for individuals aged 18 and under who live in parts of Western Sydney, the Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains. More information is available at the Aspect website.

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