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Financial Support

Funding for psychology services

Your General Practitioner can refer your child to a psychologist for up to 10 subsidised consultations each year, depending on the amount of treatment that your GP feels is required. (Until 1 January 2012 this funding was available for 12 sessions.) Up to six additional subsidised consultations are available in exceptional circumstances.

More information is available at the Australian Psychology Society website.

If your child is under 13 years of age, he/she can also qualify for additional funding for treatment services until the age of 15 when referred by a psychiatrist or paediatrician. More information is available at the Australian Psychology Society website.


Government benefits

Click here to read about government benefits, including the Low Income Health Care Card.


Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Safety Nets

Click here to read about the Medicare and PBS Safety Nets.


NSW Companion Card

The Companion Card has been developed to provide carers with discounted or free access to many entertainment, leisure and recreation activities and services when they are accompanying the person for whom they care. This includes free travel for accompanying carers on CityRail trains, CountryLink services, most regular government and private bus services, and government-operated ferries.

Although there are no financial tests for the Companion Card, the person who requires care must meet a fairly strict set of medical eligibility criteria. In the case of young people with Asperger's Syndrome, these criteria will usually be the level at which the child is able to plan, communicate, and/or exercise adequate self-care when unaccompanied, as well as the child's prospects for improvement in the future. Your child's treating doctor will need to complete a portion of the application to assist with the assessment process.

More information is available at the Companion Card website.

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