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AS Capable

AS Capable is a specialist employment support service for adults with Asperger Syndrome. It aims to develop and promote the skills and capabilities of people with Asperger Syndrome through person-centred support employment programs and employer training. AS Capable is based in North Sydney. 

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NOVA Employment

NOVA Employment is a community based, non-profit organisation that is funded by the Australian Government to assist people who have a disability to find and maintain the job of their dreams. NOVA has offices throughout Sydney.

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Sydney Employment Development Service

SEDS is a service of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. It offers an open employment service, which helps people with disabilities to find employment and education opportunities, and a transition to work program for young school leavers aged 15 and over. SEDS has offices in Chatswood and Parramatta.

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Western Sydney Disability Coordination Program

The University of Western Sydney hosts the National Disability Coordination Officer Program in the Canterbury/Bankstown, Fairfield/Liverpool and Blacktown regions of Sydney. The Program provides high quality services to help people with a disability or chronic medical condition move from school to post school education and training and then to employment.

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Ostara Australia

Ostara Australia is a not-for-profit employment agency that specialises in assisting people who have an illness or disability. It places an emphasis on ensuring a safe and supportive work environment. Ostara has offices in Burwood as well as south-western Sydney and the Southern Highlands.

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Job Centre Australia

Job Centre Australia is a specialist disability employment service, with over 20 years of experience in the sector. It also provides transition to work programs for youth and school leavers. Job Centre Australia has offices in Chatswood and on the Central Coast.

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Northcott Jobmatch

Northcott Disability Services' Jobmatch program provides a number of services that can help people with a disability stand out and succeed in the very competitive world of finding a job. The program is based in western Sydney.

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Studio ARTES Northside

Studio ARTES provides artistic, educational, recreational and vocational training programs for adults with disabilities. It is based in Hornsby, northern Sydney.

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Aspect Community Participation

The Autism Spectrum Association (Aspect) operates two Community Participation Programs that provide vocational training and coaching for skills such as independent living, personal safety, money management and communication. The programs are based in southern Sydney.

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Northcott Community Participation

Northcott Disability Services' Community Particpation programs assist young adults with a disability to develop the skills they need to work towards their goals, increase their independence and participate as valued and active members of the community. The programs are based in western Sydney.

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CRS Australia

CRS Australia helps people who are receiving government benefits such as the Disability Support Pension to find work. Generally people are referred to CRS Australia by Centrelink.

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