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Diagnostic Services

Asperger's and autism diagnostic assessment

The Autism Spectrum Association (Aspect) offers a professional psychological assessment service, which can be used to identify your child's strengths and areas where support may be needed. The diagnostic service can be used to identify problems such as behavioural difficulties, developmental disorders, learning difficulties and neurological dysfunction.

In most cases, the assessment conducted will be a Review Assessment, where the aim is to gather updated information to help with transitions or to secure access to government funding. Unfortunately this service does involve some cost; however, under some circumstances there may be Medicare rebates available. More information is available at the Aspect website.

The Brain and Mind Research Institute's Centre for Autism Research, Evaluation & Service also provides diagnostic assessments, intervention assessments, and related services. Fees for BMRI consultations will be payable in most circumstances. More information is available by downloading this flyer (PDF).


Mood and anxiety disorder diagnosis

If you feel that your child may be suffering from a mood disorder (such as depression or bipolar disorder) and/or an anxiety disorder, you may obtain a referral from your General Practitioner or Psychiatrist to a specialist diagnostic clinic. A diagnostic clinic may also be a useful resource if your child has previously been diagnosed with a mood and/or anxiety disorder but has not fully benefitted from treatment.

The diagnostic services listed are typically covered in full by Medicare. Upon referral, the relevant clinic will undertake a complete assessment and recommend strategies for future treatment if appropriate.



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Black Dog Institute
(Mood disorders only)

The Depression Clinic is generally run according to a two-stage process, firstly a computer-based assessment, and then a consultation with a psychiatrist. This process usually takes place over two 2-hour visits. The Clinic is based at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick.


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CADE Clinic
(Mood and anxiety disorders)

A questionnaire is provided to be completed before the appointment. The patient is then seen by a psychiatrist and other members of the clinical staff, usually over a period of around three hours. The CADE Clinic is based at Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Leonards.

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