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Autism information services

The Autism Spectrum Association (Aspect) provides a free information service for people who have an autistic spectrum disorder, as well as their families and carers. The information line, which is available during business hours,†can provide referrals, practical advice and access to resource packs.

More information is available at the Aspect website.

The Autism Advisory and Support Service also operates a 24 hour†hotline staffed by volunteer parents. As well as general guidance, the service offers information about referrals and diagnosis.

More information is available at the AASS website.

Support groups

North-West & Inner West:†The Autism and Asperger's Support Group Inc. operates two support groups for parents and carers of children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders. The groups are free to attend and are based at Burwood and Richmond.

South-West: The Autism Advisory and Support Service operates two support groups for parents at its Liverpool office. The first group is conducted in English, while the other is specifically for those who speak Cantonese & Mandarin. While the groups are free to attend, registration is required for catering purposes.

Other Areas:†A list of various types of support groups is also available at the ASPIA website.

Anxiety Support Groups: If your child has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, the Mental Health Association NSW operates a number of†services which may be of use, including†support groups throughout the Sydney region†and a structured 12 week self help program. More information is available at the MHA website.

Social Groups

If your child is looking for an environment in which he or she may be able to make some new friends, there are a number of social groups available, depending on the age of your child.

Family-oriented social groups can also be a useful way of connecting with other parents who have children with Asperger's Syndrome, and a great place to share information and ideas in an informal setting.



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Aspect Educational Outreach Social Clubs
(8-18 years)

The Social Clubs Program aims to offer†various age-approporiate activities to foster participantsí talents and interests, as well as other structured activities to help promote social skills and sense of social connectedness, emotional well-being and physical health.

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Aspect Asperger's Social Club
(18 years and older)

This social club is for young adults (18 years and over) who have Aspergerís or similar communication or social needs. The group meets in Sydney every fortnight on Wednesdays from 7.00pm - 9.00pm to catch up with each other and attend organised activities.

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(Family-oriented for teens 13 years and older)

ASTeen is a social group for young people, aged 13 years and over, with Aspergers Syndrome. Social outings are arranged nearly every fortnight and many interesting activities are planned by parents of youngsters in the group.

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AASS Social Group
(Mentor-led for teens 16 years and older)

The Autism Advisory and Support Service operates a social group for teens aged 16 years and older, which is coordinated from its Liverpool office. Group participants are mentored by students from the University of Western Sydney's School of Medicine.

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